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Jack Crawford:
Oh my GOD!
Jack Crawford:
I don't know how I didn't see this sooner!
Jack Crawford:
It even rhymes, for crying out loud!
Jack Crawford:
Dr. Chilton-- more like, Dr. KILLton!!
Jack Crawford:
As in Kill tons of people!!

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[Image: Bucky Barnes watching the Bucky and Steve Rogers video in the Smithsonian. In the video, Bucky and Steve are smiling; Bucky, watching, has a contemplative expression. Bucky: “Bucky Barnes. He looks like me, except when he smiles. I guess he had reason to. Now I do too. I was a person. I had a life…. and I was someone’s best friend.”]


The Flip Side

Yeah i broke my own heart.

facial reference examined from the Cap 2 featurette and political animals.

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